Pack of Four (4) 100% Pure Chamomile Hydrosol
Pack of Four (4) 100% Pure Chamomile Hydrosol

Pack of Four (4) 100% Pure Chamomile Hydrosol

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Our exquisite Hydrosols are distilled in the USA. All 100% organic, pure and natural. Our hydrosols do not contain any additives, preservatives or synthetic substances.

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How to Use Hydrosols for Face

Facial Toners

Facial toners are perhaps the most common way to use a hydrosol. Hydrosols are gentle enough to use on your facial skin without diluting them. You can use a single hydrosol without diluting it or adding any other ingredients. You can spray it directly on your face or place it on a cotton ball and wipe your face with it. Rose, helichrysum, lavender and calendula hydrosols are all excellent for the skin.

Acne Prone Skin

If you are prone to acne or blackheads on your face or body, add a hydrosol spray to your skin care routine. Good choices are lemon balm, helichrysum or lavandin.

How to Use Hydrosols for Skin

Minor Cuts

For minor cuts, wash them and use lavandin or neroli to promote healing.

Soothe Itchy Skin

For quick relief from itchy skin, try peppermint hydrosol. The cooling feeling will help calm itching. Lavandin, calendula and chamomile are also good for itchy skin. 

Minor Burns (Including Sunburns)

If you have a minor burn or a sunburn, essential oils can be too strong. Hydrosols are gentler and provide quick relief. The coolness of the hydrosol from the fridge will feel great on burned skin. For sunburns and minor skin burns, try lavandin, rose or chamomile.

Cooling Relief

Peppermint hydrosol is cooling, so it’s a good spray for cooling the body. You can use it during the summer, after exercising or for hot flashes. 

Soothing Skin

For red skin or minor skin irritations, try using lavandin, rose, or chamomile. These are generally safe for children who are too young for the essential oil.

Deter Biting Insects

Hydrosols are also a wonderful natural alternative to repel mosquitos and other biting insects. You can use either catnip or peppermint hydrosol with a blend of essential oils to create a simple insect repellent spray recipe using all natural ingredients.

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